Use CMS in the Bot Builder

Load data into Block

CMS data can be inserted into most of BotStar basic blocks.

1. Choose a block that you want to insert CMS data then open the setting site of this block.

2. In the Property Panel on the right-hand side, turn on the option Use CMS Data.

3. Filter the items to be displayed by tweaking the provided options:

  • Entity (Required): Choose an Entity from which you extract data to the block.
  • Filters: Create conditions by which items (from selected Entity) are refined to be inserted into the block. BotStar supports the combination of various conditions that helps you easily filter the appropriate items. If there is no condition, all items of an Entity will be used.
  • Max Number of Items: Show the number of items in an Entity found each time. This option can only be changed in a listing block (Horizontal List).
  • Sort By: The order of items will be arranged regarding the field you selected. Default field is Created Date (the date you created items).
  • Order By: Arrange items of an Entity in an Ascending (A - Z) or Descending (Z - A) order. Items are set by default in ascending order.

4. Map elements of a block with fields of CMS entity after setting up CMS data for a block:

  • For text elements: Insert CMS data into text elements by using the Insert Variables button in the bottom left corner of the editing site.
  • For multimedia element: Insert CMS data into multimedia (audio, image, video) by selecting CMS in multimedia sources, then select the field you need.

Load data into Quick Responses

Select the block which you want to insert CMS data:

1. Choose CMS in Quick Responses to use CMS data.

2. Click Quick Responses element showing up on block.

3. Set up options in the setting site to get appropriate items for inserting into Quick Reply (Quick Responses). Entity, Filters, Sort By, Order By (Required) are similar with Load data into Block session instructed above.

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