Manage Your Subscribers in BotStar Chatbot

Audience refers to all the users who interact with your chatbot via Facebook Messenger and website. Chatbot operator can create tags and user attributes to segment them for better personalized experience.

Overview of Audience tab

Please go to Reports & Insights > Audience tab, information of users is displayed under attributes such as: "Name", "Gender", "Locale", "Timezone", and "Last seen".

In Audience tab, information of users is displayed under attributes such as: Name, Gender, Locale, Timezone, and Last seen.

Audience can be divided into different segments by being added tags or user attributes. You can send them broadcasts and add them to different campaigns to provide suitable user experience. Also, users' information can be downloaded via Audience export or other integrations such as Zapier or Integromat.

Audience Segmentation

Add tags to users

Tags are used to classify your audience. Audience can be tagged/untagged manually or automatically. For instructions about how to do so, please read the article about tags.

When audience is divided into different groups by tags, you can easily find them in "Quick filter by tag" section.

Note: Tagging/Untagging a large amount of chatbot users at once can be done simply with Bulk Action as below:

  1. Tick off users who need to be tagged/untagged.
  2. Click Bulk Actions in the upper right corner of the screen, choose the action need to be done.

User Attributes

User attribute is a field that holds value and sticks with an end-user until the next time it's updated again. It is used to optimize the process of filtering as well as sending broadcast. There are two types of user attributes: System Attributes and Custom Attributes

  • System Attributes are available in every chatbot and contain basic user information captured by the system. Some common system attributes are {first_name} and {last_name}.
  • Custom Attributes are the user-defined attributes in each bot. Custom Attributes can be updated manually via BotStar Audience or automatically by using action Update User Attributes in the Flow Editor. Read more about User Attributes.

Custom attributes can be utilized to filter the audience as in the picture below: