Master your chatbot with advance blocks

The below are advanced blocks that allow you to fully utilise the bot, as well as master the flow.

  • Module - can be used to group blocks that have a common goal, i.e Order Module consists of Email block, Customer address block, Phone number block. Besides, Module can be nested in another Module.

  • Add Module Outlet - add more than a Module Outlet inside a module to exit from a parent module. By doing this, you will be easily able to connect blocks inside a module with any blocks/modules within your bot flow.

  • Scripting - Run NodeJS script to perform complicated logic like manipulation of variables, API calls, complex calculations.

  • JSON API - send HTTP requests and render responses.

  • Language Switch: allow chat-users to choose the language they want to communicate with your chatbot in case your bot works with multi-languages.

  • OTN Request: is a type of messages that you can send to customers after 24 hours of their last interaction with the page as long as the customer agrees to receive this message. If the person engages with the message, the standard messaging window will reopen.

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