Keep Track of your chatbot Operation

Analytics feature provides an overview of bot activities and helps bot owner to track how bot performs. It also allows you to check how many sessions in BotStar Inbox that your chatbot has generated over a period of time. You just simply go to Reports & Insights > Analytics.

Report on chatbot operation



A Session is a multi-message interaction between your bot and an end-user, regardless of the number of messages. One session will expire after 24 hours if there is no interaction with bot.

Example: A chat user interacts with a bot for the first time on Monday. That will count as 1 new session. Within 24 hours, if the same person continues to chat with the same chatbot, "new" conversation will be displayed as 0 and "existing" conversation will be 1.


This report allows you to check how many messages your chatbot has sent and received over a period of time. Please note that messages can can be text, photo, multimedia or attachment. Read more about Inbox which stores all messages



This report shows the number of chat users who interact with this bot over a period of time. Read about chatbot audience.

"New users" is the number of new chat users interact with your bot in selected period of time. "Returning users" are the group of people who did chat with chatbot before.


This report shows the total subscribers - users who have interacted with your bot and subscribe to it.

Time Range Selection

Time Range in Analytic reports are based on the timezone that set for your chatbot settings. BotStar supports these fixed time range:

  • Today
  • Last 2 Days
  • Last 1 Week
  • Last 2 Weeks
  • Last Month

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