Integration Overview

Integration helps your bot connect to hundreds of applications in a few simple steps and create the most suitable workflow for your business. Integration saves you so much time integrating different API services and triggering different cloud apps.

BotStar provides you integrate directly to your favorite apps, such as:

With Integromat and Zapier, BotStar provides these following Triggers:

  • New Checkpoint Record: Triggers when a new checkpoint record is created.
  • New Subscriber: Triggers when a chat user becomes a subscriber of the chatbot
  • Updated User Attribute: Triggers when a specified User Attribute has been added or updated audiences
  • New Request for Human Takeover: Triggers when a user request to talk to a human operator/ live agent
  • New Tag on User: Triggers when a new tag is added to a user.

To help you understand easier about integration, we have some example articles that guide you step by step to integrate with some popular apps:

Besides those templates, you can always integrate other apps through Zapier support apps and Integromat support apps with BotStar.

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