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BotStar supports publishing chatbot on Facebook Messenger and Website. And here are the most frequently asked questions about publishing chatbots on these two platforms and answers. This FAQ will help you decide what steps are right for you in implementing the chatbot.

Publishing on Website

1. Why doesn't the chatbot appear on my website even though I have added your code to it?

Regarding this situation, please make sure that you have done these 3 things:

  • Add your website URL in the Whitelisted Domains (Bot Builder > Settings > Website > Accessibility)
  • Click the Publish button inside BotSar after you have completely designed your chat flow and insert the HTML code into your website right before the /body tag.
  • Go to your website and publish the chatbot inside it (you only need to do it one time when publishing the bot on your website)

2. Why doesn't my chatbot change anything even though I have changed the flow?

There are two scenarios that could cause this situation:

The first one is that you may forget to update your chatbot in the publish option. Then please update it and restart the conversation again, this time it will show you the changes.

The second scenario is that you haven't saved your change in your bot setting. If that is the case, redo the changes again and this time please remember to click the Save button to save the process and then click the Update in Publish button.

3. How can I show the chatbot only on a specific page?

If you want your chatbot to appear only on one a specific web page, we would suggest you look at Website parts such as Header, Body, and Footer.

When you check those parts, please check whether which part is fixed and which part is different on specific pages. Please choose the part that is different on each page, then embed the chatbot code there.

Please remember to copy that specific web page URL and paste it on the Whitelisted Domains (Bot Builder > Publishing Configuration > Website) and Publish your chatbot again. After that, you will see that chatbot on the web page you want.

4. How many website platforms does BotStar support?

BotStar supports publishing your chatbot on any kind of website platform you want. Please follow Integrate BotStar with website guidelines for more details.

Here is some website platform example that you can reference:

Publishing on Facebook Messenger

1. I have published my chatbot but it doesn't appear/ I can't update my chatbot anymore, how can I fix it?

When your chatbot doesn't appear or you can’t edit the chatbot content on your Facebook page even though you have published it, then please go to the Facebook Page Settings > Advanced Messaging section > Handover Protocol > click the Configure button > set BotStar as your primary or don't choose any connected apps at all at your Primary Receiver or Secondary Receiver.

One of the reasons why this doesn't work is because:

  • You have connected this page with other chatbot platforms before so they may overlap each other.
  • You have edited something inside the Settings before connecting this Facebook Page with BotStar chatbot so it can’t work.

2. Why doesn't my calendar work?

If your calendar doesn't work on your Facebook Page, please go to Bot Builder > Publishing Configuration > Messenger > Whitelisted Domains > add http://webview.botstar.com/ (or http://webview.chatbot4messenger.com/ for Branded App) as a whitelisted domain for webview components such as calendar, payment function.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us through support@botstar.com. For more details on how we have helped our customers grow their business, you can view our use cases, blogs or join our BotStar community to learn and share new things 😊

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