FAQ for Collaboration

Brief Introduction

The document will cover 6 common questions that bot builders often get confused about. By reading this article, you may go through the Human Takeover and Email To Operator features quickly and effectively.

FAQ for Collaboration

1. How could I use the feature “Send Operator Email” and “Human Takeover” to send emails to others who are not my operators?

You are unable to send emails to others who are not your organization members. But you could add someone to be your collaborators and not give them any permission on editing/ designing bots but the Inbox. With the Inbox feature, your collaborators could only access conversations and answer chat users, without interacting with the bot flow.

Go to Settings > Collaborators > + Collaborator > in Permission: disable/ enable features.

2. After staff are done talking to chat users, when will the bot come back to take control of the flow?

There are two types of timeframes or two steps you may need to take concern about.

Step 1 Drag and drop a Human Takeover block > click on that block > Action Configuration > the Auto return to Bot after idling for box: set up the time. During this period, the bot will stop working and wait for an operator to login to Inbox and chat with customers.

Step 2 Besides, you could set up the time for sessions expiry. This is the timeout for the human takeover session. After that, the bot will take over the conversation with the end-user. Go to Settings > Behaviors > scroll down to Human Takeover, in Sessions Expiry: set up minutes. You should notice that once the expiry is over unless customers click on a button or type something; then the bot won’t come back.

3. Why my Branded-app account cannot send emails to operators as well as use the human takeover feature?

If you are a Branded-app account, firstly, you need to set up your Email Sender. Then, you could apply the Email to Operator and Human Takeover actions in your flow:

Step 1 Set up DKIM and SPF.

Step 2 Ask support@botstar.com to verify your Email Sender.

Step 3 Enable your Email Sender.

After you are done, you are able to use these two features.

4. Can collaborators talk to chat users directly on the Facebook page without login to the BotStar Inbox?

Yes, they can.

If the bot is working but there is a message typed manually by a collaborator appearing in the conversation, the bot will stop the flow and let the human be in charge. The bot will come back after the expiry time is over and the chat user types or clicks on a button.

5. Why an operator is chatting with a chat user in Facebook Page Inbox but the bot is still working?

To disable the chatbot in this use case, you have to turn on the feature when operator sends messages from Facebook Page Inbox. Once the action is done, the bot will go to sleep when your staff is handling the conversation.

Go to Bot Builder > Settings > Behaviors > scroll down to Human Takeover, switch on when operator sends message from Facebook Page Inbox > Save > PublishUpdate.

6. How can I transfer a bot from this account to another?

No, you cannot transfer a bot from this account to other ones. However, you could add collaborators into the bot you want, and then give collaborators full permissions on the bot flow.

To know how to add a collaborator, you may spend some time and follow the steps from here. After adding a collaborator, you may go to Bot Builder > Settings > Collaborators > + Collaborator > in Permission: enable all features.

Now, your collaborator are able to edit or design on the bot flow.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us through support@botstar.com. For more details on how we have helped our customers grow their business, you can view our use cases, blogs or join our BotStar community to learn and share new things 😊

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