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In BotStar, Audience refers to all the chat users who interact with the chatbot via the Facebook Messenger and Website. Audience can be divided into different segments by Tags or User Attributes for the better-personalized experience. You can send them broadcasts and add them to different campaigns. Also, the information can be downloaded via Audience export or other integrations such as Zapier or Integromat.

Please go to Reports & Insights > Audience tab, information of chat users is displayed under attributes as in this photo:

Manage Customers' Data

BotStar provides a safe and secured environment to run a business. Understanding the most important point of current laws, we assure that your chat users can totally take control of their data.

Manage customers' data

With BotStar, you can take full control over your audiences' data in Checkpoint and Manage Audience fields. Conversation history is saved in Inbox. You could view the detailed conversation, delete chat users' data or unsubscribe certain chat users manually in those fields.

Download user data

Sometimes, you may receive requests from customers to download data and send them to review. You could filter the chat users by name, click on download data, data will be sent to your email. You can forward it to your customer in a format that is easy to be transferred and totally compliant with GDPR.


BotStar allows you to unsubscribe specific chat users without removing their data right inside the Audience section. All information including User attributes and Tags still remain in the system.

Delete user data

If a chat user sends a request asking to delete all of their personal data from BotStar system, you now can perform this action real quick with a few simple clicks, without affecting the whole chatbot data.

Deleted-data includes Facebook profile, user name, email, phone number, tag, custom attributes, conversation history, etc. Keep in mind that once this action is done, there is no way to turn it back.

Kindly note that we only cover data within BotStar platform. Detailed conversations still remain in your Facebook page inbox and in chat users' Messenger or Browser. Any further effort to clear out that information must be done by you – the bot owners as well as the page owner.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us through support@botstar.com. For more details on how we have helped our customers grow their business, you can view our use cases, blogs or join our BotStar community to learn and share new things 😊

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