How to use connector

A Connector connects 2 blocks together. Each connector has a source block, a target block (destination), and maybe more than one condition. If a block has more than one out-going connector, the system will select the matching connector to go to the next block.

To navigate the chat user go the right way, you can set up the conditions for the connector. Here is an example:

Using The Latest Response of the previous block and setting the password is ‘123456789’, so that the chat user needs to enter the correct password to continue going the flow.

You also can set up the condition for the next block to show up if the current hour is from 1 am to 8 am. This example would work in case you want to show the prices for a hotel room or price for meals are vary in different hours.

You could build a circular loop that throws the same question to the chat user until the response is correct. Moreover, you can use User’s tag, User Attributes and Flow Variables with different conditions to set up the connector.

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