Comment Trigger

Set up Comment Trigger

To create a bot that automatically responds to comments and sends messages to customers on your Facebook page, you can use Comment Trigger.

1. Go to Bot Builder> Integrations > Growth Tools and select Comment Trigger.

2. Under the Basic Configuration section, fill in the Name and turn on the "Active" option to enable Comment Trigger.

3. Under Trigger Configuration section, you can select all posts or a specific post on your Facebook Page and create conditions to filter the audience. There are some options to configure the behavior of bot: allowing the bot to respond directly on the thread and reply in the same thread from other people in addition to the original comment.

There are some notes for bot builders about Comment Trigger with All Posts and Select A Post:

  • Once you have setup Comment Trigger for all posts, that Comment Trigger will apply to all the current posts and other future posts additionally.
  • However, for some Facebook posts which have set up a specific Comment Trigger, the Comment Trigger for all posts will not apply to them.
  • For a post has 2 comment triggers that have the same type (All Posts or Select A Post), the post will trigger the lastest Comment Trigger.
  • One comment will be triggered only once.

4. Under Conversation Configuration section, set up the landing message to greet your customers upon the tool is triggered. You also can choose a block in your bot for this Landing Message.


  • You can only send one message to your customer and wait for their's response to continue the flow
  • For European users, if you choose to send an existing block inside your chatbot, you can't send the button block or the horizontal list block due to Facebook Policies.

5. After that, you can update the information of customers by updating User Attributes, Flow Variable, and User Tags/ Remove Tags.

6. Below is the result:

Some useful tips:

  • Your bot must be set up properly. Make sure it’s connected to your business page. Also, check that it’s set up to view replies to posts on that page.
  • Be careful with the Get Messages CTA that Facebook might automatically enable this option for your post, cause it can make things more confusing for users.
  • Only post authentically engaging content that’s highly relevant to your audience.

Comment trigger FAQ

Question 1: The comment trigger works whenever I comment on the post?

Answer: The comment trigger feature will work for one chat user once per post. The main purpose of this feature is to notify the user and send private messages to their inbox. Therefore, comment trigger tool will trigger only one time. Additionally, the conversation doesn’t count if the chat user does not reply the message setting in Comment trigger tool. You also can set up that landing message as a block in the flow. Then, after the chat user responses to that message, the chatbot flow will continue.

Question 2: If a set comment trigger for all posts and also set a comment trigger for a specific post, which one will be triggered?

Answer: If a Facebook post has both comment triggers for all posts and for a specific post, the comment trigger for a specific post will be triggered.

Question 3: If I have 2 comment trigger setups for a post, which one will be triggered?

Answer: If a post have 2 comment trigger setups, the latest set up will be active. In case you have a lot of comment trigger setups and in a hurry cannot find whether a post has set up comment trigger or not, you can just simply create a new one.

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