Build natural behavior chatbots

You can customize your bot to be more natural and human-like by setting up Behaviors in Settings, including:

Read Receipt & Typing Indicator

  • Read Receipt: mimick human behaviour as if your bot is reading or typing a message.

  • Typing Indicator: set the time how long your bot pretends to type a message. This setting is applied to all blocks. However, you can adjust typing time for each block individually.

Tip: Blocks with long contents and following blocks should have a longer than usual so users can have time to digest without being bombarded.

Human Takeover

You can manually takeover any conversations from BotStar Inbox, and/or Facebook Page's Inbox. You can control the expiry of the sessions. We also provide options to switch on or off human takeover mode automation. For more details, please see our documentation about Human Takeover.

Greeting Message

Set up First-Time Greeting Message. This message will be shown to first-time users.

And here is what you get:

Auto Fallback when bot can not respond

This is the safe guard message that your bot will always refer to in case it does not understand user response. You can choose a block in Flow Editor to reply chat users in case bot can not respond. For example, choosing block Bot cannot understand to respond chat users.

Here is what you get:

Navigating Dead-end Message

If the chatbot operator want to avoid dead-end conversations with customers, they can enable a quick reply option to allow user to go back to the selected block and keep a text conversation going.

Here is what you get:

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